E-shop is possible to buy only those goods via the Internet, which is the link to the right side of the “shopping cart”. Products for which the link is a “shopping cart” instead of the words ‘not for sale’, has not yet come up for sale or is out of stock. Chosen trade “shopping cart”, you can continue browsing or goods to enter the order. Commodity price or availability of goods and the ongoing change without notice.

Triplex Eesti OÜ has the right e-shop sales concluded the contract without penalty, withdraw the ordered goods leave without delivering the merchandise is out of stock in the price of the goods or the nature of the e-shop displayed wrong with a system, or where the buyer does not comply with the Explosive Substances Act, § 57 of the conditions ( class II Consumer fireworks may be purchased from the age of 18 and class III Consumer fireworks from 21). If the e-shop is not able to fulfill the order, the buyer will be contacted and the amount paid will be returned. Cart / Order page, you can optionally edit the contents of shopping cart yet. After entering the delivery address and the confirmation of the purchase anymore Shopping Cart shopping cart is emptied and you can not change the products. If you disconnect the order after the order is entered, it must be re-select the items in your shopping cart. Once the order is completed correctly and contact information can begin paying.

In E-shop you can use e-banking via a link, paying the selected goods in advance. NB! After payment of the goods (bank transfer), exit the e-banking website by clicking on the button “Return to Merchant”. Subscription and payment confirmation will be displayed in the order confirmation.

E-shop purchases will be carried out on the same day, and the buyer will be contacted within the next workday. Goods brought the order to the address entered in the delivery of goods according to the agreed time availability. The goods are handed over to the buyer. The third party shall accord to the goods to the buyer.

The consumer has the right within 14 days from the delivery date to return the goods and get the money paid back (except for shipping cost). Purchased goods can not be returned as the appearance of a commercial product is damaged. Returned goods must not be used and must be in the original packaging.

If the goods are purchased in a campaign in which the goods have been added to a product, the purchaser must return the entire set. Return the goods to be sent via e-mail at aldo@triplex.ee The letter must contain the following information: the returned goods, the account number and the bank account where the money back to them. The amount paid for the goods shall be returned to the buyer’s bank account immediately, but not later than 30 days from the date of return. The buyer has the right to contract non-conforming goods, the goods are returned.

To make it easier to solve later problems, the consumer should retain the purchase documents (invoice, contract, etc.), proving that the goods are bought Triplex Eesti OÜ e-shop. Without a sales document certifying the Triplex Eesti OÜ waiter left unsolved problem.

E-shop purchase of goods related complaints must be forwarded to the address:

Triplex Eesti OÜ,


Rõngu vald,

Tartu maakond


or e-mail address: aldo@triplex.ee

goods may be returned to the above-mentioned address.


Defective goods, the consumer is entitled to:

  1. Require the first product replacement with new goods.
  2. To require the withdrawal or reduction of the purchase price if the seller has not been able to replace the goods.

NB! Seller is not liable for defects arising from the non-compliant trade purpose use, storage or violation.

Information about the order: 9.00-17.00 by telephone 5054619 or e-mail aldo@triplex.ee