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Triplex company is established in 1982 in Poland. Greater development of the company’s activities took place in 1990 when the imports increased in Germany, the Netherlands and China. At the same time, increased commodity and professional fireworks sales. Good cooperation with major global manufacturers gained momentum in 1999, which guaranteed the quality of products and a solid package. In collaboration with manufacturers we carry out their own ideas to the packaging commercial appearance as well as the effects of different range of products. Triplex trademark is patented in Europe. Triplex and Triplex Eesti OÜ concluded between the official representation agreement gives Triplex Eesti OÜ the right to market in the triplex production and the use of triplex brand.

First steps Triplex offices in Estonia, we took the spring of 2009 when there was a professional fireworks display in Wroclaw.
In August, we registered in the company Triplex Eesti OÜ. Triplex Eesti OÜ is engaged in commodity retail and wholesale fireworks for fireworks and professional organization.

Triplex Eesti OÜ mission is: “To provide customers with the best products and provide high quality firework firework professional services. We would do this by providing solutions and creating positive experiences through our products and services, always professional and friendly service. ”

Triplex Eesti OÜ always puts the customer at the heart of its activities. Our desire is to provide a comfortable and fast service. We wish that the communication between us would be a pleasant event, which would always leave positive solutions and emotion.

The modern world is constantly offering new opportunities for rapid development. Firework area Triplex Eesti OÜ has set itself the goal to offer a competitive range of products, innovative solutions and a high level of customer service. We are working on it, because we know that there will always be even better.

Based on the company adopted the principles of our goals important to the customers complete satisfaction with product quality and the services offered, and that customers would dare to suggest to their friends and Triplex Eesti OÜ products and services.
We dare say that our customers’ opinion is always important to us.


Triplex Eesti OÜ

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