Fireworks Operating Manual


1. Hold fireworks in a dry place and do not place batteries in a wet firework shooting site.
2. Fireworks may only be used outdoors.
3. Place the product on a flat, hard and stable surface, so that the product can not fall. Support the stones or attach onto the pile into the ground. Make sure that the surroundings is free and flying/flaming parts can not hurt objects. Bending over the firework is life-threatening. A safe distance from the people is at least 30 meters.
4. Light a green fuse, at the same time leaning away from the fireworks. Furthermore, the ignition can be removed quickly.
5. Do not ever hold a lit firework in hand!
6. Ensure that would guarantee its own  and spectators security.



Category II products are allowed to be sold and used from 18. years of age.
III category of products allowed to be sold and used from 21. years of age.


WARNING: Do not approach a lit firework batteries! Wait at least 20 minutes before approaching a product that is not properly acted upon ignition. Misfires product to be dipped into the water and returned to the importer.
Do not deal with fireworks intoxicated or under the influence of psychotropic substances!



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